Lifestyle shoot ~ Ferguson Family

Whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall, I met up with the Ferguson family to do a lifestyle family portrait shoot with them. They suggested Hemmick Beach for our location which isn’t far from St Austell, and the place means a lot to both Karen and Duncan. I have never been to Hemmick Beach before so was very pleased we met there as it is a gorgeous beach. It’s very secluded so is less crowded than beaches such as Fistral beach or Towan beach which is where we tend to head, though driving down to Hemmick Beach requires a lot of praying and crossing of fingers as the lanes to it are very narrow and thankfully I didn’t come across an oncoming car!

On the day the shoot was scheduled, poor little Daniel was unwell. We still went ahead as he had a cough the past couple of days and was generally fine, but after a while, we decided to reschedule for later that week when he was feeling better.

However, on the day we rescheduled, the weather took a turn for the worse. So we headed to a school in St Austell where Duncan works as a teacher to do the shoot instead of meeting again at Hemmick Beach. Daniel was a lot better and more himself so I was able to capture lots of photos of him smiling and being cheeky!

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